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Edwin Saunders Northup was born 7 Sep 1873, the child of William. Hall NORTHUP and Hortense S He married Ellen Slater Read on 3/3/1897. (She was the daughter of John Russell Read and Martha J. Alden .)
They had at least four known children.

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Edwin Saunders Northup Family

Children of Edwin Saunders Northup and Ellen Slater Read

Gerald Kingsley Northup b. 9/10/1899 m. ?? Died of gunfire, Battalion 3rd Division, 2nd Battle of the Marne July 15th 1918
Edwin Slater Northup B. ?? 16, 1900
John Russell Northup B. June 10, 1903; Providence, RI
Gordin Gray Northup B. Sept. 1, 1911; Providence, RI
A Poem by Ellen Slater Read Northup